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4 Reasons Integrity Candles make great wedding centrepieces

Saturday, September 12, 2015 – Frank Gumley

Four reasons you need our romantic candles for your wedding On the last night of autumn, underneath the full moon, we were given the perfect opportunity to put together a spectacular country wedding shoot, with help from Byron Bay Tipi Weddings. Amidst the rolling hills of the hinterland can be found Byron Bay’s newest wedding venue, Forget Me Not Weddings; a truly magical location t  read more...

4 Reasons Your Candle Isnt Burning Well

Saturday, August 29, 2015 – Frank Gumley

4 reasons my candle is not burning well? One of the most asked questions I get in the candle shop is in regards to poor quality burning candles. And why some candles do not burn well. I have compiled this list to help you get your candle burning right. 1. First burn of your candle The burn time of your first burn is the most important part of having a healthy burning candle. The f  read more...

About Integrity Candles

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – Frank Gumley

With our modern day lives being consumed by screens electric light, we passionately believe “Light off, Candles on” has never been more important. Our artist’s custom design wax candle lanterns to emulate the colour, style and general vibe that our customers want. We create sexy, fun and romantic settings that have a very personal touch.   read more...

Five beautiful ways to use your Integrity Candle Lanterns

Saturday, July 4, 2015 – Frank Gumley

There are so many creative ways to use your wax candle lantern (/home). Although it’s easy to get your wax lantern home and leave it in the one spot, you aren’t making the most of all the candle has to offer. Here are 5 ways inventive ways you can use your wax candle lantern: 1. Candles floating in the pool If you’re having friends over for a bac  read more...

Who buys candles?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – Frank Gumley

The Integrity Candles Customer These days candles are more popular than ever, people of all ages and lifestyles are using all different types and styles of candles, and with that comes innovations like Integrity Candles wax lanterns. No matter your lifestyle, inner-city go-getters, boho babes living out of a combi, a family in the burbs and everything in between, wax lanterns  read more...