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4 Reasons Your Candle Isnt Burning Well

Frank Gumley - Saturday, August 29, 2015

4 reasons my candle is not burning well?

One of the most asked questions I get in the candle shop is in regards to poor quality burning candles. And why some candles do not burn well. I have compiled this list to help you get your candle burning right.

1. First burn of your candle

The burn time of your first burn is the most important part of having a healthy burning candle. The first burn changes the structure of the wax, following candle burns will mimic this pattern you have created. You will follow a different procedure depending on what type of a candle you have. Pillar Candle or Jar Candle.

A. Pillar Candle – Pillar candles require a little more attention then can candles that are burning within jars.

The first burn of your pillar candle should come to about 1-2 millimetres from the outside edge. The actual burn time will depend on thickness and quality of your pillar candle.

B. Soy Candles – Soy wax has a lower melting point that pillar candle wax and therefore is always sold within a vessel of some sort. The first burn of your soy wax candle should come all the way out the edge of wax. Leaving no wax within unmelted.

2. Buying the right sized candle

This is probably the biggest mistake people make when purchasing candles. And most likely the main reason your candle hasn’t burnt well. Your candle burning habits should guide what size candle you buy.

Only those intending to burn their candles all day should purchase large pillar candles. Practitioners, yoga studios, churches for example.

While Smaller candles should only be burn for a couple of hours at a time. Perfect for those people how only burn their candle for few hours in the evening.

3. Wick length

The length of your candlewick directly affects the size and robustness of your candle flame.

A metaphor I like to use with our customers is thinking of your wick like revving the engine in you car.

To long: The longer the wick the more revs you are give your engine. Which mean a larger more vigorous flame. This can look quiet beautiful however can create more black smoke. It can also mean the wax is not burning efficiently. So you will chew through your candle hours a lot quicker.

To Short: To short and your candle will stall. If this happens it is best to carve the wax away. Carve from the wick all the way to the edge of the candle.

4. Cheap Candles

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Buy cheap candles and you get cheap candles. Poor quality wax will emit more smoke. We know that with some imported candles they aerate the wax forming tiny little bubbles. This make the candle appear larger, but limits your hours. And can also create uneven burning. We recommend buying candles made in Australia. There are so many Aussie candle makers making beautiful quality candles. It’s really never been easier to buy good quality candles at a reasonable price. Just hit up to your local markets and you are sure to find someone making and selling some yummy soy wax candles. 

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