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Five beautiful ways to use your Integrity Candle Lanterns

Frank Gumley - Saturday, July 04, 2015

There are so many creative ways to use your wax candle lantern. Although it’s easy to get your wax lantern home and leave it in the one spot, you aren’t making the most of all the candle has to offer.

Here are 5 ways inventive ways you can use your wax candle lantern:

1. Candles floating in the pool

If you’re having friends over for a backyard party or drinks, think about floating multiple candle lanterns in the pool. The light emanating from the lantern will twinkle on the water’s surface and create a beautiful focal point.

2. Summer evening picnic in the park

Integrity Candles wax lanterns are perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the park? Get all your friends together, a big picnic blanket some cushions, snacks, bottle of wine. Your wax candle lantern will provide you picnic sun a soft, romantic atmospheric light as the sun sets behind you.

3. Candles by the bathtub while you have a relaxing soak

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice, hot bath, particularly in winter. Why not take your wax lantern into the bathroom with you to provide some calming, glowing light. Or alternatively take a bath with your partner and bask in the romantic, soft light of the lantern.

4. Candle Date night

If you’re struggling with ideas for dates, why not go simple. Enjoy some wine and some delicious food with your wax lantern in the centre of the table. The soft, forgiving glow will put you both at ease and make the night just about the two of you. The simple gesture will look effortlessly romantic, and if you’re lucky, it might lead to a second date.

5. Yoga and meditation Candles

People who practice yoga swear by its ability to centre you and relax your mind. You can have your wax candle lantern made in chakra colours. The lantern will provide the perfect amount of soft lighting to add in lifting you to a meditative state. Added to this you can burn our essential oil based candles to provide a soft natural aroma.

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