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Limit your packaging

Frank Gumley - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Here at Integrity candles we like to keep it simple. We choose to use as little packaging as possible and strive to find ways to make the packaging we sell our candles in re-usable or recyclable.

In the last few years we have seen a huge rise in manufacture and popularity of Soy Wax candles, which need to be burned in a container, being sold in beautiful and lavish gift boxes. Customers we have spoken to choose to opt for soy wax candles because they are made from a renewable source of wax (soy bean wax). However when the product is then wrapped in non-recyclable plastic and packaging that will eventually end up in either landfill or worse our water ways you have to question the environmental benefits of the product. See attached link for information on "The Great Pacific Garbage Dump".

For this is reason we at Integrity Candles choose to use as minimal packaging as possible. Another added benefit of this is that without this excessive packaging our finished products cost less to produce. Therefore you, the customer, get a fantastic product for a fantastic price.

If you are are after the most eco friendly candles available on the market try our pure beeswax candles. Our beeswax candles are the most eco friendly candles you can hope to buy. The wax is made by our local bees, extracted by our local bee keepers (who we also buy our hamper honey from), melted down and made into a beautiful candle by us here at Integrity Candles. We wrap a small paper label around it and send straight to your door. Very little production at all. High quality candles.

We also produce soy wax candles with a dual function; our wonderful Soy Wax candles have been blended with macadamia oils and a variety of essential oils to create wonderful massage candles.

We have chosen to simply sell these stunning soy wax massage candles in their glass containers with a small paper label; both recyclable materials. We see a fancy gift box as an unnecessary addition to our product which would increase the manufacturing damage to environment, waste out-put, and also the cost of our candles.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.



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