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4 Reasons Your Candle Isnt Burning Well

Saturday, August 29, 2015 – Frank Gumley

4 reasons my candle is not burning well? One of the most asked questions I get in the candle shop is in regards to poor quality burning candles. And why some candles do not burn well. I have compiled this list to help you get your candle burning right. 1. First burn of your candle The burn time of your first burn is the most important part of having a healthy burning candle. The f  read more...

Candle Care Tip #1

Thursday, August 9, 2012 – Frank Gumley

The First Burn is a Big Burn. The first burn sets up the structure for your candles life. It changes the structure of the wax, and if done correctly will promote even burning and longer burn times. Light your candle and allow it to burn out to just before the edge. (Approx first burn time: 2 Hours plus) Extinguish the flame. Allow the candle wax to harden over night. This   read more...