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Candle Care FAQ

Who are Integrity Candles?

Integrity Candles is a boutique family owned business specialising in artistic, handmade wax lanterns. Our candles are made in beautiful surrounds of northern New South Wales, underneath our old family farmhouse, purchased in 1989.

What is a wax lantern?

Our lanterns are unlike any other, acting as a decorative and individual wax encasement for the flame inside. They are made from a hardened wax that does not melt with the heat of the day or from candlelight. The wax we use has a higher melting point than traditional candle wax, around 70-80 degrees. This creates an elegant and eye-catching light source, glowing beautifully through the waxen walls of the lantern.

How are they made?

Your lantern has been individually hand-painted and designed. In our unique method, we use flame like a paintbrush. Various colours are carefully melted into the outside of the wax lantern, creating multiple layers and combinations of colour and pattern. This process guarantees that your lantern is an individual piece with its own character and style.

What do you need to know about maintaining your wax lantern?

Keep it out of direct sunlight; the sun will not melt the wax, however it can fade the hand-painted colours over time. It is best to keep the lantern inside away from the elements. We recommend displaying your wax lantern inside and when desired, taking it outside to light up any on occasion. You can polish your wax lantern with a soft damp cloth. This will keep the dust off your lantern and create a beautiful shine. 

What is a massage candle?

A massage candle is essentially a candle that when the wax melts turns into warm fragrant massage oil.Our soy massage candles are made with pure essential oils, in a base of soy wax, macadamia oil and coco butter.

Good for your skin and lots of fun – This special blend of wax and oils melts at only 38 degrees and will not burn your skin. Our soy massage candles also contain macadamia oil and coco butter known for their skin nourishment qualities.

Massage candle directions...

Simply light your candle allowing the flame to melt enough oil for use. This takes about 20 minutes and will fill the room with the desired aroma, creating an ideal atmosphere for massage. Pour the melted oil onto your partner and begin.