Update from Linda.

Integrity Candles is on the way back! We are so happy to tell you that we are making great progress in our recovery. We expect to be taking orders for lanterns and candles by the end of July.

The workshop is nearly back to its former glory – possibly even better, thanks to so much community, friends and family support. It is truly amazing what can be done with many willing hands and lots of love. We’d like to acknowledge that there are many business and families still in a world of pain. The region will be suffering and require support for long time to come.

In the meantime, gift certificates are still available if you need a gift before we are back to full production. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, or here on the website to follow our progress.

Once again, Linda, Lenn, Jackie and Louise thank our well-wishers for their support.

Wishing everyone a much improved second half of 2022.

Integrity Candles.