Ebony & Ivory – Flare




EBONY and IVORY PALETTE ∼ Minimalist black on white suggests sophisticated elegance. Scented soy candles are included to light within your Lantern/Grand Cauldron, further accentuating the colours and design of the art-piece and providing a soft and gorgeous light source. While a variety of stands and hangers are available to showcase your lanterns, a handmade steel stand, powder-coated matt black is included with the Grand Cauldron. Either lantern or Cauldron will make an impressive statement, delight your guests and give you many years of light soaked pleasure.

OUR CREATIVE PROCESS –  Our lanterns are created by blending a unique recipe of waxes, producing a hardened surface that resists melting. Once the lantern is cured, we apply colour – pigments are blended directly to the surface of the lantern with a blowtorch. If a carved image is requested, designing begins now. When completed, your lantern is drenched in cold water, then polished with a soft cloth.Over time, pigments will mute creating a warm patina, bringing an added layer of depth to these art pieces. Enjoy!


  • Small Lantern – 19cm wide by 16cm high
  • Large Lantern – 22cm wide by 22cm high
  • Grand Cauldron – 40cm wide by 46cm high on stand



Each lantern is a unique, organic creation that will give you many years of pleasure


  • A small lantern comes with 3 x 8hr Votives
  • A large lantern comes with 2 x 35hr Classics
  • A Grand Cauldron lantern comes with 3 x 35hr Classics
  • We include decorative pebble to place inside your lantern, which is the bed for the glassware and candle
  • Customer Care information card


  • To clean your lantern, remove the pebbles and candle, rinse in cold water, then pat dry. You can recreate its deep lustre by polishing your lantern with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Ensure the candle is placed in the centre of your lantern when burning. I prefer to light my candles with a long-nose gas-lighter


  • Whether you are entertaining or relaxing, light and enjoy your lantern indoors or out
  • When not in use, keep your lantern indoors, out of direct sunlight


  • Orders over $99 are free within Australia, however please…
  • Note, some remote rural areas may be outside the range of our delivery services. In these cases, Integrity Candle will contact you to discuss a shared potage cost. Integrity candles will refund the price of the order if you then decide to cancel your order

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