Bare Naked Lanterns



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Simple, unadorned lanterns.

A clean and elegant lantern to suit the minimalist. When matched with your favourite scented candle, it makes a desirable ornament.

OUR CREATIVE PROCESS –¬†Our lanterns are created by blending a unique recipe of waxes, producing a hardened surface that resists melting. Once the lantern is cured, it is drenched in cold water, then polished with a soft cloth.

Each lantern is a unique, organic creation that will give you many years of pleasure.

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  • A small lantern comes with 2 x 12hr Votives.
  • A large lantern comes with 4 x 12hr Votives.
  • A Grand Cauldron lantern comes with 1 x 40hr small, 1 x 90hr medium, & 1 x 140hr large Pillar candle.
  • Glassware or plate to suit the included candles.
  • Decorative pebble to place inside your lantern, which is the bed for the glassware or plate and candle/s.
  • A Grand Cauldron comes with a hand-crafted, matt-black, powder-coated steel stand, approximately 18cm high.
  • Felt pads are attached to the base of each lantern to protect your furniture.
  • Lantern Care information card.


  • To clean your lantern, remove the pebbles and candle, rinse in cold water, then pat dry. Polish your lantern with a soft, dry cloth to restore its deep lustre.
  • Ensure the candle is placed in the centre of your lantern when burning. We recommend lighting the candle with a long-nose gas-lighter.
  • Enjoy your lantern indoors or outdoors; in daylight or candle-lit at night.
  • To preserve its beauty, when not using your lantern as a feature, keep it indoors, out of direct sunlight.