Dragon’s Blood Pyramid Candles



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Contemporary Candles for todays’ consumer…

LUXURIOUSLY INTOXICATING  The mystique of Dragon’s Blood matches the potency of its perfume – heady, soft and amber-like. The name alone evokes images of antiquity and fantasy

In ritual practice, Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures used Dragon’s Blood for purification and attraction, while the essential oil (or resin) has been used in ancient and modern medicine in skincare, for rejuvenating skin and alleviating inflammation. You may choose to use your Dragon’s Blood for your magic, or simply enjoy the glistening deep red as the wax melts

Introducing…We are now making pyramids in three sizes!

  • SMALL 
    • .552 kg
    • 13 x  13 x 11.5 cm h  
    • Burn duration over 90 hours
    • 1.240 kg
    • 16 x 16 x 14 cm h
    • Burn duration over 140 hours
  • LARGE 
    • 1.76o kg
    • 16 x 16x 22 cm h
    • Burn duration over 190 hours



Our Pyramid range is hand-crafted with the same patience and skill that master craftsmen have relied upon through the ages. Embedding slices of agate above a base of exotic natural pebbles, semi-precious stones or sea shells results in a distinctive creation. With a long burning time, the pyramid will gradually illuminate the agate, highlighting the variations in the crystal, adding a striking new dimension. High-quality essential oils used to perfume the candles ensure a clean, rich fragrance

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