Dragon’s Blood Votive



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POTENT, HEADY and SOFT – Exotic and mystical, Dragon’s Blood has been used down the ages in magic, medicine and art. As a fragrance it is musky, sweet and soft yet spicy. It appeals to young and old, across genders, and is popular for promoting a calm, rejuvenating aura in the home

In ritual practice, Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures used Dragon’s Blood for purification and attraction, while the essential oil has been used in ancient and modern medicine in skincare for rejuvenating skin and alleviating inflammation. You may choose to use your Dragon’s Blood for your magic or simply enjoy the glistening deep red as the wax melts or the compelling scent this candle delivers

  • Recommended for burning in your small, round, coloured lanterns.
  • We recommend tea-lights for cube lanterns and small, round, shell lanterns.
  • Note – votives weigh approximately 50g per candle.

Unique to Integrity Candles, our Votive range with reusable glassware enables you to refill your glass with another Votive candle. Each scent range comes in a signature colour



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